Four short stories.  A reformed ne're do well who has a relapse that turns into a silver lining. A family man who discovers an unpleasntry close to home. A group of friends help a spiritually wounded comrade.  And a runner who wins his race, sort of.

Unemployed and short on cash, Phil Fairchild's financial outlook is bleak.

Helped by his less than straight-laced friend who live off the royalties

of a famous nineteenth century writer, Phil is vulnerable to the garden of earthly delights.  Filled with moments both absurdly funny and personally touching, Big Knuckles is a fun and enderaring read.

They are rich.  They are senile.  They are sick, psychotic, vain, and greedy.  And bohemian Neil Cardell suffers from mutational longevity as a retirement community figures out how to deal with the future.


Mason McAfee is a know it all millenial.  After briefly living on his own he encounters THE classic right of adulthood passage and becomes infatuated. After The Spitballs is a hilarious observation on how to become a full fledged adult